Silk Scarves

THE fashion accessory of the moment is THE SILK SCARF!

Hand Painted Silk Scarves by Robert Daskal

Scarves have been around for more than a hundred years. The importance of silk scarves in the pantheon of accessories has waxed and waned as styles changed through the years. Once used as a practical item to protect a hairdo from wind and rain, in the 50's we started to see silk scarves add a dash of color around the neck. Little colorful squares and triangles tucked into the neckline of a sweater added just the right fashion element and were a must-have accessory. In later years, as women entered the work force, silk scarves were knotted into floppy bows to become the "neck tie" of the working woman. Large wool scarves were draped around an overcoat for added panache and warmth. But then jewelry crept onto the accessory stage and scarves took a place at the back of the closet. But this end of the first decade of the 21st century has seen the silk scarf once again tie up a fashion statement! AND IT'S GENDER NEUTRAL! Both men and women are draping themselves in long, long silk scarves tying, knotting, wrapping, looping and hanging, today’s fashion “must-have” over any kind of outfit, from black tie to blue jeans. Some silk scarves are skinny - some scarves are fat. But all are long enough to take a few turns around the neck and then some! These beautiful accessories have become a standard in everyone’s wardrobe.

Hand Painted wool backed Silk Scarf by Robert Daskal

As hand painters of fabric, Robert Daskal Group has been creating beautiful silk scarves since we first started this business. But never before have we seen scarves gain such popularity with people from all walks of life! This season we've come up with a real utilitarian beauty - the hand painted wool challis scarf with self fringe measuring more than 90" long. Men and women both covet this item. We also have our popular silk and wool backed muffler - perfect to tuck inside a winter coat or leather jacket for warmth that makes a fashion statement. And our beautiful silk scarves still spice up any suit or dress, whether they're on chiffon or jacquard.

Take a look at our gorgeous line of silk scarves. Along with our catalogue of ready-to-choose silk scarves, we also offer affordable custom design services, we can hand paint a silk scarf in YOUR colors, and make it in any length - you can be the designer. Call or or use our online contact form. with any questions or requests. Now is the time to wrap yourself up in this years hottest fashion item - a scarf. Believe me, a Robert Daskal hand painted silk scarf has nothing to do with simply keeping your hairdo in place. Wrap yourself up in one and you'll see what we mean.

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