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I have been wearing Daskal ties for over 20 years. There has never been a time when I had one on that someone did not comment on it. Thanks for making me look good!!
Testimonial By: Bob Beadling

I'm Addicted

Over the years, I have “accumulated” over 30 Daskal bow ties. While I live in Cleveland, I buy them when vacationing in New Orleans at New Orleans Knots. Bow ties are not very popular, so I immediately get attention (an interesting, a LOT of respect) but that is doubled when people actually look at the tie. That is when the compliments for Robert Daskal start. The creativity of the ties and simple act of wearing a bow tie is an immediate conversation starter. I’m addicted and can’t wait to buy more!
Testimonial By: Jeffrey Dross — Cleveland Heights, Ohio — 

People Notice

My daughter has great taste. She has been buying me your ties for 6 or 7 years for all occasions. I'm in sales and see between 8 to 10 customers per day. When I am adorning a Daskal I can't believe how many people take notice. I can't say I have a favorite, they all are my favorite.
Testimonial By: Jules Royak — Glen Rock, NJ — 

Had Just About Given Up

I had given up last Christmas of finding anything but humdrum and Jerry Garcia when I found one of your ties in a small tie shop. It was wild and beautiful and my husband loved it. From there I bookmarked your web site. Keep them coming, please!

Pam Aeillo
Testimonial By: Pam Aeillo — Middletown, MD,  — 

Make Me Feel Great

I love your ties. My collection has been a proud obsession for over 10 years or more. My ownership includes at least 60 of your pieces of art. The comments I get from wearing your ties make me feel great.I get stopped by strangers asking me about the ties. I have you listed at the top of my favorites list.

Thanks for being available!
Bob Strickland

Robert R. Strickland, M.Ed., CMPE
Executive Director
Pacific Fertility Center
San Francisco, CA
Testimonial By: Robert Strickland

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