Hand Painted Silk Judaica by Robert Daskal Group

New to the Robert Daskal Group Collection: A hand painted collection of gorgeous silk items inspired by the customs and traditions of Jewish life. These colorful items are destined to become cherished family heirlooms.

Silk Judaica by Robert Daskal Group

Silk Chuppahs

The wedding canopy that covers the bride and groom in a traditional Jewish wedding (and sometimes a "not-so-traditional" Jewish wedding) has been used for centuries. Robert Daskal Group is now proud to offer these stunning silk creations to continue this beautiful tradition.

Robert Daskal Wedding Chuppah

Our "Tree of Life" chuppa, available in striking maroon or luscious green, can be personalized and painted in any colorway that the bride may desire. Our Chuppas have 10" fluted side borders hanging from the top which contain the traditional wedding prayer "dodi li" ("I am my beloved's") in both Hebrew and English. With the hand painted method we use, we are able to put family names and dates on the branches of the tree or, perhaps, you may wish us to add a lovebird or two. You may wish to have us use an entirely different set of colors. The options are endless and guarantee that the uniqueness of this beautiful design becomes yours.

Perhaps you have something entirely different in mind! If you can dream it, we can execute it. Robert Daskal Group hand painted Chuppas have been created to depict everything from stunning mountain landscapes to artist inspired masterpieces, even a collage of treasured possessions held dear to the bride and groom. The Jewish custom of marrying beneath a Chuppa takes on a whole new meaning when your Chuppa is personalized, unique and created specifically for you!

For more information about having us create your own personalized Chuppah call us at (773) 561-3300 or write to us using our online contact form.

Hand Painted Silk Yarmulkes

Be the first to grace your synagogue and brighten up the sanctuary in your beautiful hand painted silk “kippah”. All of our “kippahs” (or “kippot”) are created in Chicago by the same artists who paint the Robert Daskal line of fine silk ties. Choose from the readily available selection of one-of-a-kind yarmulkes available on our site catalog.

Robert Daskal silk yarmulkes

You may also have something more specific in mind as well. For those extra special occasions such as a bar mitzvah or wedding we offer custom made designs as well. Just contact us and let us know what you would like us to make. These colorful creations are certain to add joy to your religious experience.

For more information about having us create your own personalized kippot call us at (773) 561-3300 or write to us using our online contact form.

Hand Painted Silk Matzoh Covers

Passover is one of Judaism’s most beautiful home-based celebrations. The table is beautifully set. The guests are beautifully attired. And we believe the Matzoh should also “wear” something special.

Robert Daskal Wedding Chuppah

Our hand painted silk Matzoh covers, with three separate compartments inside, will become family treasures as they are used at Seders year after year. You can choose from our collection or have one custom designed to your personal preference. These Matzoh covers can also be personalized, which makes them the perfect wedding present, house gift, anniversary gift. Don’t let another Passover go by without one of these magnificent hand painted Matzoh covers from the Robert Daskal Group gracing your holiday table.

Hand Painted Silk Tallis Sets

Robert Daskal Tallis Set

Is there a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah coming up in your family - perhaps your child or grandchild? We have the perfect gift, one that will become a treasured heirloom that can be passed from one generation to the next. Let us create a custom Tallit set that will reflect the passion and soul of the child.

Hand painted on heavy silk, our Tallitot come with a hand painted satin neckband bearing the blessing for putting on the Tallis. Each set has it’s own matching kippah (yarmulke) and velvet bag for safe keeping. While our Tallit do not come with the tzizit in place you may choose to have an optional tzitzit kit accompany it.

Along with our regular selection online, the talented artists at Robert Daskal Group can also create any design you or your child might desire. The finished work- personalized with the name and date of the event - will stand the test of time, conjuring up cherished memories of one of the most beautiful milestones in a child’s life.

Hand Painted Silk Tallit

Robert Daskal Tallit Sets Looking for something extraordinary to pass on to your heirs? Look no further than our hand painted silk Tallitot. Whether you have us design something unique and exclusive or choose one of our own designs, a silk Tallit is certain to become an heirloom. The hand painted neckband has the prayer for putting on the Tallis. All of our Talleisim are hand painted in Chicago by the textile artists at Robert Daskal.

For more information about having us create your own bespoke Judaica call us at (773) 561-3300 or write to us using our online contact form.

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