"One Should Either be a Work of Art or Wear a Work of Art"
-Oscar Wilde
"I believe in the latter!"
- Robert Daskal

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Aah Summertime!

Finally, the weather is looking up, the sun is out and things are looking good! To make sure that you are looking good too we have a nice batch of new ties to complement your wardrobe.

Take a look at the new collection - you’ll find some of best selling and familiar designs, as well as some brand new designs! The display of this collection will look different. We’re showcasing our hand-painted silk ties as a color story. We have arranged our color story in nine color families: If you’re looking for something to go with blue, check out the ties we feel will work with anything in the blue family. Green your favorite color? Red? Just look at the designs, under your favorite color story. This should save you lots of time, however, we know some of you like to look at all of them, so please feel free.

If you have any questions, you can always call or email. I’m always happy to talk about our ties!

Arlene Bunis-Daskal

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